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Paan Shop in Connaught Place (Delhi)

The tradition of paan, for Yamu’s Panchayat, is linked to our innate pride. Also, we feel pride in the creation, in the quality of satisfying the consumer. We believe that customer satisfaction is our outsmart responsibility. Therefore, we welcome you to join us in the process of believing that the charm of Indian tradition exists with a varied taste.

Be it a festival or a customary role, a betel leaf and nut is taken as goodwill and also fed to god as a gesture before beginning a new journey? This may paint the relevance of Paan in the existence of humankind.

Yamu’s Panchayat started back in 1950, serving millions of hearts who love paan with or without favor. Apart from Paan, the place offers cigars, hookahs which has the essence of middle eastern countries to create the raja, maharaja essence while enjoying it. With the Blessings of Gold and hard work, the Paan-parlor chain, which was primarily established in Delhi Connaught Place, has spread in many other areas in NCR Delhi and also in different states. The venture starting from the central market place of Delhi i.e 56, NDMC market in Connaught place proceeds with SECTOR 63, in Noida (Uttar Pradesh); new an outlet in Ahmedabad (Gujarat); followed by Maharastra, West Bengal, and Indore.

About Connaught Place One of the biggest market places in the county is Connaught Place. It is the hub of business centers in New Delhi. Most commonly named is CP. This place conveys a different historical tenancy of the story during the reign of the British empire because of its age old white Architectural buildings. The place confines with vibes for all kinds of people because of its tourist destination, shopping, nightlife. The heritage structure of CP is the price of the city.

Fun fact: Designed by Robert Tor Russell, CP in the year 2018, has become the most expensive office location in the entire world with millions of regular income. The center joint of the city is named after Prince Arthur, 1st Duke of Connaught and Strathearn,. It took almost four years to finish the complete buildings surrounding the central park.

As the place lies in the middle of the city, the convenience is easy and can be traveled in every possible way. It is easy to conch in any direction, whether it is east, west, or north and south. The metro station is built underground in the locality. The whole CP is decided into blocks and multiple metro stops are availed to ease the connectivity.

To reach us, contact us with the below-given map locations.