About Us

About Us


We rooted in New Delhi in the year 1950. During the periods, late Tikam Chand started Prince paan Center. Since then, it has seen many upgrades based on customers' needs which is mostly guarded by his son Mr. HariBhai. It was two decades ago when Mr. Lalwani brought a great change in the industry with the introduction of Prince Gutka. Currently, the business outlines a distinct prospectus in the industry as a sole manufacturer and supplier of not only flavored Paan but also Cigars &Hukka, Chuski, and Lemonade, flavored Supari, Mouth Freshener, Digestives.

Our goal is to serve our customers with the best quality of products found above grounds with the combination of a tincture of a tradition for the best experience. We bring to you colorful Indian mouth fresheners, Middle-Eastern playful shishas, and variants with the best prices in the market.

About Yamu’sPanchayat (Paan Shop in Delhi NCR)

The existence of Yamu'sPanchayat, the paan-parlor chain in Delhi, plans to start its venture with an outlet in Ahmedabad (Gujarat). It also plans to reach a century goal of such outlets in Gujarat with an investment of Rs. 200 million, where they will employ 500 women or more. Along with Gujarat, it plans to move to Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharastra, and also West Bengal.

The highlight of our product is the quality and how hygienically it is prepared. Our products guarantee an exotic taste and aroma, followed by the traditional vibe one must feel while enjoying the varieties of flavors in the mouth. This feature is one of the sole proprietors to keep us on the best record from any regular paan-shop and also makes a place in the heart of our customer. Moreover, we have recently opened our service online, where our customers can order paan online.

There are more- Our vendors have worked very hard with the market and launched a non-spit paan where the contents can be easily swallowed and cannot be spitted unnecessary. The ingredients are chewable and add a different taste with every different choice, mostly some of the ingredients are made by a women NGO to help remove the blemish a Paan and betel nut used to cause.

Under the leadership of Ms. AnuLalwani, we have been successfully strengthened our industry as compared to others. By following the efficient business methodologies, our firm has become proficient in many ways. One is catering to the varied requirements of our clients such as weddings, festivals, and other occasions in an efficient timely manner.