Welcome To Yamu's Panchayat (Paan Shop in Delhi NCR)

Live your best moments with the spice of life in Yamu’s Panchayat. Be it sour, be it cold and spicy or sweet, like every emotion we need all the flavors even in taste.

Paans have always been a part of Bollywood romance. With the famous song where millions of hearts have enjoyed the star Actor Amitabh Bachchan performing, one part of our hearts also enjoys having such taste in life, once in a while. Though the movie was pictured in 1965, the eating experience has been revolutionized in India since then. Only if you are aware of Banarasi Paan, the same culture you might never enjoy before with any other than in Yamu's Panchayat. The favor and the feel of chewing the betel leaf may hide only in Banaras but you can have it here with us then another place. Unlike most other shops, the ethnicity of our place is way magnificent.

The origin is way older than Bollywood’s existence BUT still maintaining the same vibe. The spot is right at your very own place i.e in the Capital Delhi and in the heart of it i.e Connaught Place. Also you can Order Paan online in Noida.

A Paan eating experience is not just a betel leaf and nuts. It is the tradition of India, which may hold the ingredients coming from various places in the country. It was once the lifestyle, so to maintain the integral nature of such belief Yamu’s Panchayat has brought the very own place where you can have the same old taste of Paan. A complete Indian food starts with the preparations of varieties of spices coming from different parts of India savoring your taste glands all along and winding it up with a mouth freshening Paan. The following taste of sweet and mesmerizing aroma takes hours to end in the mouth, this same amusement you would not have with a regular mouth fresher.

This Paan Shop in Delhi brings a spiced mouth fresher with a multi-flavored Paan to you that is prepared with exotic masalas. This not only relishes your taste buds but also brings back the old inauthentic memory of the Indian Culture.

About Us

We rooted in New Delhi in the year 1950. During the periods, late Tikam Chand started Prince paan Center. Since then, it has seen many upgrades based on customers' needs which is mostly guarded by his son Mr. Hari Bhai. It was two decades ago when Mr. Lalwani brought a great change in the industry with the introduction of Prince Gutka. Currently, the business outlines a distinct prospectus in the industry as a sole manufacturer and supplier of not only flavored Paan but also Cigars & Hukka, Chuski, and Lemonade, flavored Supari, Mouth Freshener, Digestives.

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Why Choose Yamu’s Panchayat (Paan Shop Near Me)?

Yamu’s Panchayat has an exemplary presence in Paan making, be it any flavor, it will enhance the mood and will fill yourself with a relaxing sense after a hard day. Most asked flavors are Chocolate, Meetha other than 100 other flavors of Paan all over the world; but in this small mixture of packeted ingredients, you will not be mistaken with your choices ever. It is an experience to achieve one of the best tastes and hold on to it for long till you wish to have another variety of it.

At Yamu’s Panchayat, the customers are offered a 100% tobacco-free mouth fre-shener. It will not only be a simple paan but a love for one who enjoys it. Along with flavored Paan, cigars, Hukka, Chuski and Lemonade, Supari and Silver Supari, Mouth Freshener, Digestives, are also a charmer to the shop and for the customers.

The marketer is open to cater to global consumers with its varieties and tastes. For a wedding or a day to day change of taste after a good dinner, only a paan lover can understand the authenticity of Yamu’s Panchayat dream.

With a vast knowledge and experience of the varieties of tastes of spices and ingre-dients, the vendors have helped bring the client's expectations to a great level. The value of the work and for the consumers is the priority to retain such a line of work at a place to satisfy many more customers in the future. Yamu’s Panchayat offers delicacies of paan in all events, occasions, and festivities. For a pure taste and essence, Order Paan Online.



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